What to Expect:

Discipleship & Mission Time: Learn How to be a Disciple of Christ, Hear about Missionaries and Do Mission Projects.

Book Time: Time to recite a verse they've learned this week and work in their Kids Link Book or Awana Book

Game Time: We begin with interactive games and questions that allow children to connect with each other and learn something new about their teammates.

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade:

This curriculum focuses on introducing children to a relationship with God and what it means to be a part of the church. The children learn about character traits as the Bible comes to life in their small group. They will build lasting relationships with their peers and leaders as they meet each week. Ultimately, their eyes will be opened to the amazing, limitless love that God has to offer them.

3rd Graders to 6th Graders:

This curriculum takes them through the 5 purposes of a Christian's life. 3rd graders will begin in the first book as they recognize or reflect upon their relationship with Jesus. 4th graders will be challenged to dig deeper in their faith through spiritual disciplines. 5th grade students will assess their own SHAPE and how God can use them to serve in ministry.
6th grade students are challenged to share Christ through their testimonies and missions camp.

At the moment, the AWANA program is pending!!